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People enrolled in an Individual Options, Level One, or Self-Empowered Life (SELF) waiver can choose to direct one or all of their Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC) services by choosing Participant-Directed HPC.

Directing a waiver service means either acting as an employer or directing the budget for at least one service.

  • Participant-direction is an option for Homemaker/Personal Care services for people enrolled in an IO or Level One waiver.
  • Participant-direction is a requirement of the SELF Waiver. It is available for Homemaker/Personal Care and other services. A person enrolled in the SELF Waiver must be willing and able to direct at least one service, or chose a representative to direct at least one service on their behalf.
  • Waiver participants under the age of 18 can have their parents help direct their services. Adults choosing participant-direction can have anyone they want act as their representative, including a friend, family member, or legal guardian.

    This representative can help with things like

    • finding and recruiting employees,
    • scheduling and participating in interviews,
    • negotiating the rate staff will be paid,
    • providing training to employees,
    • making sure employees are providing services in the plan,
    • helping to communicate choices and preferences to employees,
    • signing timesheets,
    • and keeping the required paperwork or records.

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