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One of our main goals is to end the prejudice of developmental disabilities by providing equal care opportunities to individuals. We want to give them the quality care they deserve. As a tailored provider of disability support, you can guarantee that we do our best in giving the services that will fit your loved ones’ needs

We offer the following services:

Our Other Certified Services

  • I/O Waiver
  • Level One
  • Homemaker Personal Care
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Shared-Living
  • Residential Respite (Planned & Crisis)
  • Supported Living
  • HPC transportation
  • Direct Participant/Self Waiver
  • Congregate Living

Services & Training We Promote

  • Self Advocacy Training Support
  • Pro-vocational Services
  • Community Habitation
  • Family Support and Services
  • Substance Abuse, Sober Living,12 steps and Recovery Support
  • Continue Education Supports
  • Teens Transitional Support
  • Housing Location Support
  • Positive Behavior Support-(Behavior Crisis Prevention)
  • DODD Health Alerts

For more information about our services, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.